Livecoding (2013-2023)

    Livecoding is a versatile performance art that can be used for performing sound and visual landscapes up until dance raves. I deliver performances throughout the spectrum with my keyboard as my algorithm editing companion.

    I have been organizing and participating in algoraves (livecoding dance music raves) since 2014, pioneering the scene in Belgium. I have played in Berlin, Leeds, Amsterdam, … , in museums, night clubs and libraries. Since 2018 I have been teaching algorave at various workshops. I write my own performance software and integrate it as much as possible with my artistic view.

    I perform solo (kaotec) and as part of a band where I do visuals (H.AL.I.C.) and as part of a trio (BOTBOP) where I do artistic AI enrichments, visuals, etc.

    I'm also co-founder of LambdaSonic, a group of enthousiastic livecoders.

    Algorave contribution in a trend report about music trends

    Visual performance at MuKha Antwerp. H.AL.I.C. (2018)

    Bopbop: Integers and strings performing at SONAR Barcelona (2021)

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